SBA Valuations

We work with bank and non-bank SBA lenders across the country providing SBA compliant reports for 7(a) loans. Reports are turned around in 5 business days after receipt of all financials. All reports arrive at a Conclusion of Value. 

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Selling Your Business

Do you know the value of your business? Do you understand the difference between an asset sale and a stock sale? Are you familiar with the difference types of buyers? We provide guidance to setting a sale price in various scenarios.  

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Partner Buyouts

Do you need to buy out a partner or sell out your interest in your business? Buying out a partner can be more complex than selling the entire company. Minority interest discounts and other factors come into play. Let us help you through this often difficult process. 

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NACVA Certified Business Valuations

Easy to Understand Reports

At Green Country Business Valuations, we provide easy-to-understand reports for small privately held businesses. The typical business valuation we do involves an entity with revenues between $500,000 and $10 million. We understand that many small business owners, while experts in their specific fields of endeavor are not versed in the often complex financial metrics involved in a valuation. This is why we strive to provide reports that are easy to understand and limit the amount of confusing jargon seen in many reports. After reading our valuations, you will understand how your business compares with industry peers and, ultimately, what it is worth and why. 

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value of business

Common Reasons to get a Business Valuation

  • Selling the Business 
  • Partner Buyouts 
  • Financing Requirements 
  • E.S.O.P. Valuations 
  • Exit Planning 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Gift Tax Planning 
  • Litigation 


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